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Poland prepares for e-Invoicing launch after consultation

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) in Poland has revealed crucial details regarding the launch of the ‘KSeF’ e-Invoicing system following a recent consultation exercise. Among the noteworthy announcements is the decision to maintain paper invoicing for a transitional period, especially catering to smaller taxpayers who might face challenges in adopting the KSeF system.

Additionally, the MoF is on the verge of announcing the new launch date for KSeF, along with technical specifications, which will provide much-needed clarity to businesses preparing for the transition.

Key Takeaways :

  • Transition Flexibility: Businesses can anticipate a temporary soft-landing period, during which penalties will be waived, simplifying the transition process. This period will also allow for the issuance of simplified bills/invoices and split payment invoices outside of the KSeF system.
  • Operational Adaptability: The proposed offline issuing invoices with QR codes, followed by registration in KSeF, the next day, offers operational flexibility for businesses with varying needs and capabilities.
  • Voluntary B2C Invoicing: Businesses may opt for voluntary B2C invoicing in KSeF. This allows purchasers to self-identify and access invoices via QR codes, fostering smoother transactions.

For more detailed information, please refer to the report available on the Ministry of Finance website (In Polish). Stay tuned for further updates as Poland moves forward with its e-Invoicing initiatives.

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