Routty Cloud's new gateway: integrating Romanian e-invoices seamlessly

Connecting directly to Romania’s ANAF platform

Today, as Routty Cloud proudly announces the launch of our Romanian connection, we step into a new era of digital invoicing compliance facilitated by our collaboration with Sovos. This strategic advancement connects our users with Romania’s ANAF platform, ensuring adherence to the newly mandated e-invoicing regulations that are set to reshape the financial landscape in Romania.

Starting July 1, 2024, Romania will enforce a mandatory e-invoicing obligation for all transactions between taxable persons established within the country. This significant shift aims to enhance transparency and efficiency in financial transactions. The e-invoices must be sent through the Romanian e-invoice system, which will check each invoice for authenticity, structure, and syntax before it is electronically sealed and made available to both the issuer and the recipient.

The Romanian e-Invoicing System, in short:

  • Mandatory for B2B Transactions: This system, initially targeting B2B relationships, mandates that all suppliers send their invoices through it.
  • Verification and Authentication: The Romanian e-invoice system ensures that every e-invoice is verified and authenticated, adding an electronic seal for enhanced security.
  • Optional for Non-Established Suppliers: Suppliers not based in Romania may opt to use the system, though it is not mandatory for them.

Future Adaptations and EU Compliance

The Romanian system, as per the authorities, is compliant with European standards but is slated for further adaptation. By January 1, 2026, Romania plans to modify its system to allow other forms of data transmission without prior verification through the Romanian e-invoice system, aligning with the EU’s ViDA proposal.

Taxpayers dealing in high fiscal risk products must already issue e-invoices through the Romanian e-invoicing system, as mandated by the decree signed on October 26, 2023. Additionally, the Council of the European Union has approved a derogation allowing Romania to implement these mandatory e-invoicing measures from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2026.

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For a comprehensive understanding and assistance with the Romanian e-invoicing connection, please contact our knowledgeable consultants. They are equipped to provide you with tailored support and detailed explanations of the RO mandate, flows, and setup processes.

The new Romanian connector is part of a bigger update, which also includes:

  • PDF Generation: Automatic PDF creation is now standard for all routed documents.
  • User Interface Enhancements: Improvements such as bulk actions on the error handling screen and the ability to display up to 500 entries per page.

All the new and improved features are detailed in the latest release notes.

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