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Finance automation

Routty SAP package.

Routty’s cloud-native platform empowers the digital transformation of all supplier and customer interactions for purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash. With the connection to various ERP systems, the Routty platform provides a multi-channel interface and normalizes document formats before delivering the documents to the ERP system or sending out documents to your customers and suppliers. With Routty, you can fully automate financial processes and remain compliant with government mandates for e-Invoicing.

To make the setup with SAP simpler, Routty has developed a productized connector for SAP. This connector provides a bi-directional interface between the SAP system and Routty, leveraging the financial platforms. The SAP package is a pre-built integration that allows you to connect to any network and exchange any finance document via SAP and Routty without any interruption.

Some of the benefits of using the SAP package for Routty:

Faster integration and setup: The SAP package relieves you from building an API integration from scratch. It will shorten the time to production when deploying Routty.

Maintained by Routty: You do not need to maintain a connector to Routty, troubleshoot problems or extend functionality over time; Routty maintains the SAP package for you.

Always in sync with the Routty API: No need to worry about API updates or compatibility, the SAP package will take care.

Zero disruption: The SAP package allows you to continue working in SAP as before. It has the flexibility to be set up according to your needs, rather than imposing changes to your current way of working.

Features of the SAP package include:

Connect to any network: The SAP package allows you to benefit from the full Routty feature set. Routty supports multiple networks for e-Document exchange. Via the SAP package, you can send and receive documents from any of these networks.

Exchange any financial document: Use the SAP package to send and receive any electronic invoice document via Routty.

Works with and without Kofax PDAP: The SAP package can be set up to work with native SAP functionality or to interface with Kofax Process Director for Accounts Payable (PDAP).

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The SAP package for Routty makes it easy to integrate your SAP ERP system with a cloud-based e-Invoicing and e-Delivery platform. With many benefits and features, it’s a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their financial processes and remain compliant with government mandates for e-Invoicing.

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