Accounts Receivable automation.

Send invoices and other electronic documents to customers from a single platform over various networks.

Routty connects your ERP system to various e-Delivery networks to automate your accounts receivable process. Benefit from accurate data and timely delivery.

Routty accounts receivable solutions
Routty solutions accounts receivable page main functionality

Main functionality.

Connect to a variety of e-Delivery networks.

  • E-Invoicing: Send e-Invoices directly to customers, no matter which service provider or network they use.
  • Peppol access: Fast, secure, borderless trade in all Peppol countries.
  • Government hubs and interoperability: Connect to a multitude of government infrastructures and e-Invoicing platforms.


Turn your invoice process 100% digital from day one.

Routty is the platform that will make your Accounts Receivable processes paperless. Routty’s Smart Channel functionality accelerates e-Invoicing adoption by cleverly suggesting whenever your customers are ready to receive e-Invoices.

Routty solutions accounts receivable automation digital
Routy solutions page accounts receivable automation compliant


Fulfill local e-Invoice and tax regulations worldwide.

Governments around the world have strong incentives to reduce tax gaps. Companies must comply with new continuous transaction controls legislation for the near real-time exchange of tax-related data.


Reach all your customers, regardless of country, platform, or provider.

In a globalized world, business is international. Whether you work in a single country or have subsidiaries worldwide, Routty lets you digitally interact with your customers.

Routty solutions accounts receivable automation global


Integrate with any ERP system to continue operations without adding new interfaces.

Routty allows your ERP and other financial IT systems to send and retrieve documents via an open API.


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