Efficiently manage, process, and transform both physical and digital documents with Routty’s powerful features.

The capture platform effortlessly adapts from handling a handful of documents to processing extensive batches. Routty facilitates the conversion of both tangible papers and electronic files. It guides your documentation journey, from initial scanning, recognizing 1D & 2D barcodes, to automated document categorization and segmentation. Boost full-text OCR, form identification, data indexing, and the validation of identified content.

Main functionality.

Swift and accurate document processing.

  • High Precision: Unmatched recognition accuracy of invoice headers.
    Seamless Integration: Direct sync with SharePoint, ECM, ERP, cloud storage, and email.
  • Quality Scans: Produce pristine quality scans with unparalleled OCR accuracy for archiving.
  • Click-to-Index: Effortless zonal OCR for indexing updates.
  • Versatility: Ideal for both minor and large-scale document processing tasks, whether they’re physical papers or digital documents.


Streamline and digitize your entire document input lifecycle, from scanning to full-text OCR, form recognition, indexing, and archiving.

  • Document Capture & Archiving: Easily process both print and digital documents, converting them into searchable PDFs for your electronic archive.
  • Invoice Processing: Routty’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) seamlessly recognizes invoices and verifies the data with your ERP sources, streamlining your DMS system.
  • Passport & ID Card Recognition: Swiftly capture IDs for banking or insurance processes, extracting critical data efficiently.
  • Forms Processing: Extract both machine and handwritten text, including symbols from checkboxes, in forms like insurance claims and questionnaires.


Automate capturing of both printed and digital documents from diverse sources with precision.

With the integrated OCR, Routty swiftly extracts vital information from documents across 180+ languages. Efficiently organize large document batches using advanced classification based on forms, barcodes, and sheet count, ensuring accuracy throughout the processing lifecycle.


Invoices, forms, or ID cards, Routty promises efficiency, accuracy, and convenience.

  • Document Capture: Seamlessly capture from any source, from MFDs to cloud storages.
  • Image Improvements: Auto-correct and enhance document quality.
  • Click-to-Design: Speed up the recognition template setup.
  • Full-text OCR: 180+ language support for optimal text extraction.
  • Form Recognition: Extract data from various document types.
  • ID Capture: Advanced recognition for IDs, passports, and licenses.
  • Document Export: Export as searchable PDFs to various platforms.
  • Email Integration: Instantly process arriving documents in your inbox.
  • ICR: Recognize handwritten text with incredible accuracy.
  • Multilingual Support: Software is available in multiple languages with 180+ OCR language support.


A capture solution that stands out for its seamless integration capabilities.

By bridging various sources effortlessly, Routty optimizes the document capture, workflows, and management process. Integrate with cloud storages, ERP-systems and or diverse platforms like SharePoint and DMS.

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