E-Delivery & e-Receipt.

Beyond e-Invoicing, Routty facilitates the digital exchange of any document in purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash.

Routty’s flexible support for diverse document types, formats, and automated document processing rules empower financial teams to go beyond digital e-Invoicing. Orders, order confirmations, delivery notes, remittance letters, and other document types via the same platform and technology.

Routty e-delivery and e-receipt dashboard
Routty solutions e-delivery and e-receipts main functionality

Main functionality.

Go beyond digital e-Invoicing.

The digital and automated processing of additional document types strengthens the business case and entails further efficiency gains. Routty’s intelligent capture functionality allows customers to create uniform document process flows even when business partners still rely on PDF documents.


Ride the wave of digitalization and move beyond e-Invoicing.

Digitalization makes data processing more efficient. It eliminates manual work, reduces errors, and saves time.

Routty solutions e-delivery and e-receipts dashboard digital
Routty solutions digital e-delivery and e-receipt accurate


Avoid manual, repetitive and error-prone work.

Improve employees’ job satisfaction by freeing time and assigning them more meaningful and value-added tasks.


Reach all your customers and suppliers via the same platform regardless of channel or format.

In a globalized world, business is international. Whether you work in a single country or have subsidiaries worldwide, Routty lets you digitally interact with your customers and suppliers.

Routty solutions e-delivery and e-receipts main functionality
Routty solutions e-delivery and e-receipt overview seamless


Integrate into any financial system without new interfaces or interrupting operations.

Routty allows your ERP and other financial IT systems to send and retrieve documents via an open API.

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