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Transform your AP process into a Touchless Experience.

The story began with the paper invoices that you received day-by-day. They became yet another pile on your desk. The long journey to their payment was an adventure and, for many people, a daily headache. With invoice automation solutions, the journey has shortened, and many activities within the finance department were optimized. But this was just the starting point, and the goal is to transform the whole experience!

E-Invoicing and Supplier Onboarding

The challenge in e-Invoicing nowadays lies within the onboarding process: collect and analyze data, contact your suppliers, inform about their capabilities, setup, and test connection sounds like a separate project with each supplier.

Imagine that your invoice automation solution provides you insights into the formats and channels through which your suppliers are already sending invoices. By collecting information from input and output systems and thousands of suppliers, this data analyzes the best e-invoicing scenarios possible, which are presented to you automatically in a dashboard!

Multichannel communication

And you can take it to the next level! By opening every available door to your business partners. Let them choose the way they want to send their e-Invoices: by e-mail, through a direct connection, through a commercial e-Invoicing network, through an open network like PEPPOL… provide them a multichannel buffet.

Smart Coding

Manually coding of invoices is for the past. Nowadays, it’s a mission for machine learning technologies. An advanced matching engine handles invoices regardless of their complexity: an invoice with multiple PO’s, multiple invoices with one PO, deviations on PO lines, unexpected costs, name it, you’re covered! For general expenses and contract invoices, intelligent algorithms predict and suggest invoice coding data based on historical behavior. Besides, every decision made will also be used for future actions.

Mobile, ERP Integration and Digital Archive

Invoices are distributed automatically to the right person for approval, based on hierarchy, business rules, or exception workflows. Approval anytime & anywhere becomes possible with a mobile solution.

Because of the automatic integration and booking with your ERP-system, the Accounts Payable process will be automated with minimal or no user intervention.

VAT-regulations and audits demand proof of authenticity, integrity, and transparency in your process. Don’t worry! Your legal archive with instant find options takes your invoices to a happy ending –and digital- journey.

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